Shareholder Services

Stock Exchange Listing

Torian Resources Ltd’s shares are listed on the Australian Stock Exchange Limited (ASX) under the code TNR.

To view Torian Resources’ share price and other information such as trading history, please visit the ASX website.

Share Registry

Torian Resources Ltd has appointed Advanced Share Registry as its registrar. They are responsible for keeping the Company’s register of shareholders up to date and the distribution of statutory documents such as notices of meetings and financial statements.

You can log into Advanced Share Registry’s website to check your shareholding or update your preferences by clicking here.

Should you have any queries regarding your shareholding, please contact Advanced Share Registry.

Advanced Share Registry Services
110 Stirling Highway
WA 6009
Telephone: 08 9389 8033
Facsimile: 08 9262 3723
Advanced Share Registry Website

How to invest in Torian Resources Ltd

You can purchase Torian Resources shares on-market through any member of the Australian Stock Exchange. For more information on stockbrokers, visit the ASX Website.

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a meeting of shareholders and directors of Torian Resources. It is held once a year, usually in May.

The AGM allows shareholders to ask the Board questions and make any comments on issues such as management of the company as well as vote on important issues such as the election of directors.

The Notice of Meeting for this year’s AGM will be posted to all shareholders approximately five (5) weeks before the meeting.

ASX Releases & Reports

Please see the ASX Announcements section for ASX releases and reports. If you would like to be emailed future Torian Resources announcements and reports, please register at the Email Alert Registration

For Further Information

Please contact the Company Secretary:

Matthew Foy
M: +61 411 244 017